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Rush Holiday Belgian Ale Case

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Meet Moving Pictures:

We have brought Moving Pictures out of the cellar in honour of its 1st place finish in Canada Beer Cup Belgian category. We have a limited stock left so get it while you can!

the In honour of the 40th anniversary of Rush's eighth studio album, Moving Pictures, Henderson Brewing and Rush have teamed up once again. This time, for a very special limited edition ale. 
A Belgian Dark, strong ale with Riesling Must, this ale pours a gorgeous deep, ruby colour with a fine, tan head.
The taste is complex, with notes of dark fruit pudding, toffee, dates, cherries, honey, bread crusts and a slight booziness. 
Perfect for aging, this 14% limited edition ale makes a great holiday gift. 

Tasting notes and ABV: 

ABV: 14%

Appearance: Deep ruby brown, thin tan head 
Aroma: Stone fruit notes of figs, dates, cherries, apricots, toffee, molasses, dark bread crusts, with the grapes providing floral, honey and apple notes
Taste:  Dark fruit pudding, toffee, dates, cherries, apple, honey, floral, bread crusts, spicy yeast, slight booziness
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a spritzy carbonation
Overall impression: A complex dark ale with an array of dark fruit character and rich bready notes supported by a bright grape fruitiness and acidity.  Great for aging

Meet Moving Pitchers:
A Strong Pale Ale w/ Pinot Noir Wine Must Aged on Maple Wood, this ale pours a gorgeous hazy golden blush colour.

The taste is complex, with notes of sweet grapes, bubble gum, maple, apple, lychee and fresh dough. 

Perfect for aging, this magical 11.9% limited edition ale can age for up to 5 years.

Tasting notes and ABV: 

ABV: 11.9%

Appearance: Pours a slightly hazy golden with a pinkish blush, thin white head
Aroma: Bubblegum, candi sugar, pepper, fruity notes of apples, pears, white grapes and berries, earthy, wildflowers, mild maple syrup
Taste: Sweet grapes, apple, bubblegum, lychee, kiwi, floral, candi sugar, mild maple, fresh dough
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a round fruity sweetness, balanced by warming alcohol, drying tannins build on the palate as you get through the glass  
Overall: A big Belgian strong pale ale with an abundance of diverse fruit character 

Meet Signals:

Rush and Henderson are proud to announce the third in their series of premium, Belgian inspired beers.

'Signals' is a classic Belgian-style blonde with Reisling must and cold pressed apples, delivering complex aromas of stone fruit, peach and mild spice that carry through to a warming finish.

Tasting notes and ABV: 

ABV: 11.9%

Appearance: Golden hazy appearance. White head 
Aroma: Cloves, bubblegum, light citrus, Belgian esters, big Apple character 
Taste: Belgian yeast character brings spice and clove notes with a strong apple taste and acidity. Dry finish 
Mouthfeel: sweet beginning but finishes with a lingering dryness
Overall impression:  A strong Belgian ale with Riesling and whole pressed apple that does not hold back on the fruit flavour. Great winter warmer.