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SOBDL 0007 - Raspberry Lemonale

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Notes from the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies: For this beer we took one of our fave beer styles - Belgian Table Beer - and tossed in a healthy dose of lemon zest and raspberry juice. Bursting with fresh and bright raspberry and lemon aromas and flavours. 

Perfect for easy summer drinking.                                                                           

Tasting notes and ABV:

ABV: 4.0%

Appearance: Deep pink, cloudy with a pink tinged head
Aroma:  Bright raspberry, citrus, herbal, peppery yeast, white grapes, apples
Taste:  Tart raspberry, crackery malt, apples, citrus, herbal hops, mixed berries
Mouthfeel:  Light bodied with a lively carbonation and tart finish
Overall: A big, tart glass of raspberry with notes of citrus and herbs

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