Henderson Brewery @ YYZ

Jun 04, 2023Carol Ching

HMSHost Teams Up with Henderson Brewing Company and RUSH to Open New Concept at Toronto Pearson International Airport

‘Henderson Brewery @ YYZ’ Slated to Open in Terminal 1; Specialty Bar to Feature Original RUSH Artifacts & Rush Canadian Golden Ale

BETHESDA, Maryland, United States (June 3, 2023) – Global restaurateur HMSHost, a world leader in creating dining for travel venues, today announced an epic collaboration between two beloved institutions that have one thing in common: Toronto. Local craft brewery Henderson Brewing Company and world-renowned Rock & Roll Hall of Famers RUSH — that made  Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) famous with their epic song as an ode to their hometown — will open a new bar at YYZ offering limited-release brews and unique merchandise. 

The 28-seat Henderson Brewery @ YYZ will be in a prime, pre-security area of Terminal 1 easily accessible to both domestic and international passengers, as well as visitors to the airport. Loyal fans of RUSH will be excited to know that the bar will be outfitted with original artifacts from RUSH’s touring and recording career. Locals can make a quick trip to the airport for exclusive gear and takeaway beer only available at YYZ, as Henderson Brewery @ YYZ will be situated just steps away from the escalators leading into the terminal from the Union Pearson Express. 

“HMSHost has built its reputation on bringing the very best of the local food and beverage scene to the airport environment — and now we’re bringing the best band ever to emerge from Toronto alongside the coolest craft brewery to the Toronto Pearson International Airport,” said HMSHost Vice President of Business Development Amy Dunne.

“What could be more appropriate than our Rush Canadian Golden Ale having a home at YYZ?” said Geddy Lee of RUSH. “The opening rhythm of our ‘YYZ’ song was inspired by the morse code for YYZ airport. We would get so excited to see YYZ on our ticketed bags as it meant we were coming home. Even though the song is instrumental, it’s about our city, where we came from, and how good it is to come home.” 

"We are truly thrilled to partner with HMSHost, Henderson Brewing Company, and the legendary band RUSH to curate an extraordinary experience for travellers at Toronto Pearson International Airport," said Khalil Lamrabet, Chief Commercial Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority. "With the opening of Henderson Brewery @ YYZ, we're introducing a unique touch that will redefine the airport experience and create an unforgettable welcome-to-Toronto ambiance. We are thrilled to welcome this exciting addition to our airport and can't wait for passengers to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience."

"When the opportunity presented itself to not only work closely with HMSHost and YYZ, but also offer another incredibly unique experience with RUSH, I think it took me approximately five seconds to say, ‘Yes, please!’” said Adin Wener, Partner, Henderson Brewing Company. “I can’t wait for it to open and create the ultimate welcome-to-Toronto experience!”


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