Ides 57: Power Play Light Lager

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Light Lager3.5%

Table Hockey. A game that has a special place in every Canadian's heart. Did you know it was invented by Torontonian Donald H. Munro Sr. in Toronto in 1932? He was struggling to afford presents for his young children during the depression so using lumber, wire, and springs, he built a two player game involving levers and nets which went on to become the table hockey game we know and love.

Brewed with a combination of malt and rice, this beer is crisp and crushable. We brewed it to recognize the ingenuity and grit of Mr. Munro, overcoming obstacles to create something iconic. Plus this this beer launches at the beginning of hockey season in Canada, which is worth a celebration!

Brewed with a combination of malts, rice, and hops, this light lager is definitely a crushable one!

OG: 9.0 IBU: 18 SRM: 6.0
Carbonation: 2.40 Volumes (Medium)
Malts: Pale 2 Row, Pilsner, Dextra Pils, Flaked Rice
Hops: Strisselspalt
Yeast: Biergarten Lager

Appearance: Brilliant golden with a white headAroma: Sweet malt, crackers, mild grape and apple notes, floral and spicy hops.

Taste: White bread and rice crackers, sweet middle, mild floral hops, crisp, clean finish.

Overall impression: A very crisp, clean lager that has a slightly sweet, bready middle with a dry finish.

Customer Reviews

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David Milne
Power Play Light Lager

I am always on the search for a lower alcohol beer with flavour. This one definitely hits the spot. The big brewers should feel embarrassed that they can't produce a product this good.

Scott Gorman
The light beer I've been looking for...

This shit tastes great! As a 46 yr old middle aged dad who still wants to drink maybe 8 tallboys in a sitting like he's 25 with no family responsibilities, I really hope you make this a regular item. I've been searching for a decent tasting sub 4% beer, and this really hit the spot. It actually tastes like a beer. This could really become my go to of it's always on the shelf. Also a fan of your Figo. Cheers!


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