Belgian Extra Strong Ale10%

Rush X-1 & Xanabrew Mixed Case

Rush X-1

Belgian Black Ale brewed with black cherry and cabernet grape skins
Rich notes of cherry, plum and cabernet grapes interwoven with hints of leather, spice and vanilla
The fruit, chocolate and phenolic elements are pronounced due to the dry finish of this beer
Pair with Belgian Beef Stew (Carbonade Flamande) or Marget de Canard with fruit compote


Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with Freeze-Dried Honeydew Melon, Huell Melon Hops & Niagara Riesling Juice

Complex & delicate with notes of apple, pear, stone fruit, honey dew, citrus, and spice (sage, cracked black pepper)

This beer finishes dry, which allows the esters and phenolic characters to take centre stage


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Ioanna Skarvelis
Great service

The beer was delivered not only on time but with the outmost care.
Thank you


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