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Rush X-1 & Xanabrew Pack

This limited edition Rush X-1 & Xanabrew Pack contains the two latest craft beer collaborations with the legendary band Rush. Enjoy the newly released X-1 and the 4th brew in the series; Xanabrew - delivering a unique blend of flavours in every bottle.

Belgian Black Ale brewed with black cherry and cabernet grape skins
Rich notes of cherry, plum, and cabernet grapes interwoven with hints of leather, spice and vanilla
The fruit, chocolate, and phenolic elements are pronounced due to the dry finish of this beer
Pair with Belgian Beef Stew (Carbonade Flamande) or Marget de Canard with fruit compote

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RUSH Day 2024

August 25, 2024

Henderson Brewing is thrilled to welcome the worldwide Rush fan community to Toronto, Canada for a Rush-inspired day of music, beer, and good company!

Your ticket includes:

  • A day of Rush music and stories by very special guests.
  • A unique Rush Day 2024 souvenir
  • New Rush Beer
  • The chance to hang out with Rush fans from around the world!
  • Rush Memorabilia at our pop-up museum
  • Rush Beer Tastings
  • Exclusive Rush Merchandise
  • Rush Karaoke
  • Rush Trivia
  • A brewery screening of 'Beyond The Lighted Stage'