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Kozlik's Canadian Golden Ale Mustard

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Kozlik's whole grain beer mustard - made with our Rush x Henderson Canadian Golden Ale.

Tasting Notes:

After extensive and pretty serious scientific analysis using only the highest quality hot dogs, Kozlik's Rush Mustard has been birthed. The magical pairing of the honey infused mustard with the legendary Rush Canadian Golden Ale, fuses to forge one of, if not the most compelling mustards ever created that I currently have in my kitchen.

With the Kozlik’s mustard labs possibly running 24 hrs a day in pursuit of the most excellent mustard in all history, and like the smashing of the first atom, the meeting of mustard, honey and vinegar with the Canadian Golden Ale ignited a virtual explosion heard round the room, kind of.  This is perhaps the apex of mustards. So good, you could put it on top of another mustard you used by accident.

Made with loving care not to get it in your eyes, try Kozlik's Rush Mustard and be transported to a time when mustard freely roamed the plains in the days before ketchup.

Alex Lifeson

If you are located in the US and would like to order this mustard please head to Rush's Website to complete your purchase.