Henderson Brewing Co.

Henderson Brewery was founded in 2013, after industry veterans and beer lovers, Steve Himel and Adin Wener, decided there was an opportunity to apply craft brewing values and techniques to more approachable beer styles, in order to make beer that anyone would be happy to find in their fridge day after day. Work began on our Sterling Road brewery in the summer of 2015. In January 2016, we sold our first beer at the Rhino in Parkdale and by May of that year, our tap room and bottle shop were in full swing. Since then we've brewed hundreds of different styles, hosted hundreds of thousands of people, packaged millions of litres of beer, and won dozens of brewing awards.

The Henderson name came from Toronto’s first brewer, Robert Henderson, who set up a brewery at Sherbourne and Richmond in 1802 and whose original recipe inspired our flagship beer, Henderson’s Best. Each month since we opened we have brewed an ‘Ides’ beer inspired by a Toronto story, event or character, including Honest Ed's, Glad Day Bookshop, Rochdale College, and the invention of table hockey. 2024 will see us celebrating the 100th Ides story and beer release.

Since day one, we have continually striven to minimize our footprint, including driving electric vehicles for our sales reps and deliveries and using reusable crates. Over the past 8 years we have kept over 100,000 cardboard and plastic beer cases out of landfill. We continue to build our ties to the community, showcasing local restaurateurs with our weekly food pop-ups, supporting local craftspeople with in-brewery workshops, raising awareness and money for local charities and inviting local artisans to our four annual festivals: Winter Warmup, Under the Big H, Block Party and Picklefest. 

No matter who you are, no matter what kind of beer you like, at Henderson we just say ‘come on in.’ After all, the best beer is the beer you love.