Ides 23: Upper Canada Repatriation

Strong Lager6.0%

Every time we give a tour at the brewery, we recognize the pioneers of microbrewing in the 80’s who ushered in the era of great beers we’re enjoying today. Some of them, like Brick and Sleeman, are still around; others, such as Connors and Upper Canada, seem to have all but disappeared over time.

One day, we were musing (over a beer, of course) about how great it would be to brew one of those pioneering beers ourselves. Upper Canada came to mind as one of “the originals,” since it was instantly appreciated by beer-drinkers back before there was a real craft movement. They sort of paved the way, as they rebelled against the sameness of the big breweries. So we called up Sleeman (who today brews Upper Canada in limited quantities) and asked if we could bring Upper Canada back to Toronto, and make it only a few kilometres from where it was originally brewed.

Amazingly, they said ‘sure,’ and so we present Upper Canada Repatriation. A classic ‘rebellious’ recipe first brewed on Atlantic Avenue in Liberty Village in 1987. With a 6% ABV, a light orange colour, mild aroma and a velvety mouthfeel, this beer is a fitting tribute to the pioneers who brewed it first.

This one was a real pleasure to brew.  Big thanks to Sleeman and all the ex-Upper Canada folks who helped us dial in the recipe.

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