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Origin Story 04: Hoppy Lager

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This Hoppy Lager also known as a Hopfenlager a hoppy style India Pale Lager. 


ABV: 6%

Appearance: Hazy golden, fluffy white head
Aroma: Strawberry, mint, wildflowers, tangerine, grapes, fruity candies, sweet malt, herbal
Taste:  Sweet berries, pithy citrus,  floral honey, bready malts, grapes, mild grassiness, sweet middle with a drying bitterness in the finish
Mouthfeel:  Round maltiness with a dry finish, slightly resinous
Overall: A hoppy lager with big fruity notes and a dry, herbal finish


The fourth release in our this twelve-beer series that will contribute one-twelfth to a bigger picture. 

The pictures speak to, and poke fun at, meaning-making - the stories and myths we tell each other and ourselves in order to make sense of life, relationships and our place in the universe.

Like life, these beer labels are a puzzle that maybe - just maybe - can be solved if we just get together (over a beer or two?) and communicate.

Follow along with the series for a new lager release at the beginning of every month, adding another piece to the puzzle!