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Henderson’s BEAST 2021: Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Amber Ale

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After nine months’ hibernation in rye barrels, The Beast has emerged. It is big, malty, heady & complex. It is a gentle beast, to be sure, but powerfully tasty.

This Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Amber Ale is a boozy one, with notes of sweet malt, vanilla, toffee, whiskey soaked cherries, musty oak, and resinous hops. 

A firm bitterness and drying tannins help to balance out the round sweetness, but we all agree, Henderson's Beast is always fit for a good, desserty, night-cap. 

Another thing that makes this ale so special is that it is perfect for aging! We suggest grabbing two bottles - one to drink now and one to save for later. 

Trust us, it will be worth the wait! 


Tasting notes and ABV: 

ABV: 12%

Appearance: Deep amber, tan head
Aroma:  Toffee, toasty oak, earthy, cacao, spicy rye, mild citrus hops
Taste:  Sweet malt, vanilla, toffee, whiskey soaked cherries, musty oak, resinous hops
Mouthfeel: Full bodied with a round sweetness,  firm bitterness and drying tannins help to balance the sweetness 
Overall impression: A boozy showcase of malt sweetness and toasty oak

375ml bottle. Tax & deposits included in price.