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Export Stout with Coffee, Vanilla & Cinnamon

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Our Export Stout is a favourite among our Henderfam - especially during this time of year! So we thought - how can we make this even more special? 

We've created a limited edition batch of our Export Stout, with coffee from our friends at Ethica Coffee Roasters, vanilla and cinnamon! 
Pour a pint of our special, flavoured stout and find a spot around the Christmas Tree or a roaring fireplace. 

Black in colour, with a rich, brown head, the first sip is filled with sweet vanilla and toasty cinnamon. What follows is notes of espresso and toasty malts, with just enough roasty bitterness to balance out the sweetness. 

A perfect night cap on a cold, December night! 
ABV: 7%
Appearance: Black with a brown head
Aroma: Warm cinnamon, vanilla, roasty coffee, bready malt, earthy cacao, mild fruitness of cherries and plums
Taste: Sweet vanilla, toasty cinnamon, espresso, toasty malt, floral, herbaceous, roasty bitterness cuts through the sweetness
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a silky carbonation, warming alcohol and spice
Overall: A spicy, dessert influenced version of our Export Stout.  

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