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Myth of Permanence 015: Baltic Porter

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For our final release in our Myth of Permanence Series, we have chosen a 'Baltic Porter'. 

Black in colour, with a caramel, tan head, this porter is rich and sweet, with notes of caramel, rich malty toast, milk chocolate, cafe au lait, as well as cherries and dates. 
The taste starts off sweet, but the roast and hops quickly lead into to a dry, bitter finish. 

Dark and delicious with a creamy carbonation, our baltic porter is not only a perfect end to our lager series, but also serves as a perfect ending to your evening. 


ABV: 9.5%

Appearance: Black with a caramel coloured head
Aroma:  Caramel, earthy cacao, currants, roses, mild alcohol heat, figs, mild spicy hops, rich bread crusts, light roast coffee
Taste: Caramel, rich malty toast, milk chocolate, cafe au lait, dates, floral, cherries, sweet to start but the roast and hops lead to a dryish and bitter finish
Mouthfeel: Round sweetness with a drying bitterness to finish, creamy carbonation
Overall: A big, dark lager with notes of cacao, caramel and dried fruits to keep you warm in the early nights

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