Ides 2: Sweet Pete's


This tasty Radler was brewed in collaboration with Sweet Pete’s bike shop.  It’s a light blonde ale, blended with all natural lemon-lime juice for a refreshing, summer treat.  Perfect after a long day in the saddle.

When a friend contracted ALS a few years back he reached out to a number of bike shops in town to ask how they could help him modify his bike so he could keep riding.  Only Sweet Pete’s returned his call.  They worked with him all through his illness, as riding became more difficult,  so he could ride on.  And he did, enjoying the pleasures of riding until just a few days before he died.  Thanks Pete!  Cheers to you and the team at Sweet Pete’s.

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Ides 97: Hanlan's Homer
Ides 97: Hanlan's Homer
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Ides 97: Hanlan's Homer
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