Ides 4: Poké Mango Find Yourself

Summertime IPA4.8%

History has given us its share of fads; some good, some not so much. No one was too hung-up in 1957, when Wham-O sold 25 million hula hoops in only two months.  And nobody really has a problem with the more than 100 million Rubik’s Cubes sold since 1980. Pet Rocks, Cabbage Patch Kids, Sea Monkeys and the Macarena, on the other hand…

This summer, we find ourselves faced with what many consider to be a particularly dumb fad.  Hordes of people, mostly adults, have been seen holding smartphones in front of themselves while chasing virtual creatures through the real world. This fad has caused people to jump into the subway tracks, walk blindly into traffic, stop their cars in the middle of intersections, all in pursuit of fictional characters.

What madness has come over us that Toronto Police have felt compelled to issue this warning?:  “We’re trying to send a message and that message is ‘Be safe.’ Is a Squirtle worth your life? I don’t believe that it is.”

Fortunately, fads tend to go just as quickly as they come.

So c’mon, put down your mobile device (or whatever else is getting in the way of you enjoying these last few weeks of summer) and enjoy this mango & passion fruit-infused IPA.  Find yourself a nice spot where the sun shines and tell those Bulbasaurs & Pikachus to go where it don’t.

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