Ides 83: Jack Sharp

Rum Raisin Imperial Stout11%

Jack Sharp, brave, smart, loyal, a strong swimmer, & a very good boy, has the distinction of having been Toronto’s founding dog.  This very likable Newfoundlander is also the inspiration for our Ides #83;  A warming imperial stout with rum-infused raisins. A special thanks goes out to Toronto's Nickel 9 distillery for supplying their delicious Island Diaz Spiced Rum.

OG: 25 Plato
IBU: 80
SRM: 57
Carbonation: 2.35 (Medium Low)
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Roasted Barley, Extra Special Roast Malt, DRC, Pale Chocolate, Special B
Hops: Magnum
Yeast: Escarpment Labs English II
Other: Belgian Dark Candi Syrup, Raisins, Island Diaz Rum
Appearance: Deep, midnight black with a thick, long-lasting brown head that cascades up the glass after pouring
Aroma: Coffee, dried fruit, raisin, sweet malt, cinnamon
Taste: Roast malt, rye bread, chocolate, dried stone fruit, raisin, toasted almonds, hint of baking spice and spiced rum
Mouthfeel: Full-bodied, silky smooth carbonation, lingering bitterness and warming alcohol. Finishes dry.
Overall impression: A huge Imperial Stout with tons of supporting character. Deceptively smooth and easy drinking for its strength. What a big dog would be like if it was a beer.

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