Ides 21: Toro

Czech Pilsner5.2%

Toronto’s one of the most legendary hockey towns on earth, but it wasn’t quite hockey-nuts enough to keep the sad-sack Toronto Toros of the World Hockey Association alive in the early 70s.

After flopping as the Ottawa Nationals during the 72-73 season, the Toros gave it another go in Toronto in 73-74. They initially played out of the storied Maple Leaf Gardens, but when contract negotiations with infamous MLG-owner Harold Ballard (then serving time in Kingston Pen) tanked, they moved to Varsity Arena for two seasons.

They finally made it back to the Gardens only to learn that they had to build their own dressing room and pay $3,500 per game to have the lights turned on. Despite signing superstars like Frank Mahovlich and Paul Henderson, the Toros never really got off the ground. Losing to the San Diego Mariners in the first round of the ’75 playoffs and bottoming out the league in ‘76, they packed up and moved to Birmingham, Alabama before disappearing altogether (along with the rest of the league) in 1979.

Well, you win some, you lose some. We hope you’ll agree that this crisp, refreshing pilsner – celebrating the determination of the Toros and the city that (kinda) supported them – is a clear winner. Brewed with love and classic ingredients, this honest lager goes great with cold, bright winter days and the sound of pucks ricocheting off the boards.

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