Ides 24: Zerostomia

Pale Lager3.5%

Xerostomia, from the Greek ξηρός (dry) and στόμα (mouth) is that bothersome sensation that arises when your salivary glands could really use a helping hand. No one is a stranger to the annoying feeling of cotton- mouth, and everyone knows how amazing it feels when you take that perfect dose of Xerostomia relief: a cold beer! But not just any cold beer. See, we’ve been busily experimenting and testing, working to brew the perfect beer for the job. So when the time comes that you find yourself face-to-face with a case of pasty-mouth, pour yourself a cold glass of Zerostomia, our ultra thirst- quenching, lower-alcohol lager – brewed with no adjuncts – you’ll find no better way to wet your whistle when you need it most.

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