Ides 26: Hi-Five


Cycling culture in this city has come a long way from the days when most of the downtown core was basically a parking lot for automobile commuters. Over the years, the Martin Goodman trail, the West Toronto Railpath and other amazing bike trails have carved their way into our lives and excellent bike stores keep popping up around our neighbourhoods.

A word about cycling from our friends and neighbours at Brockton Cyclery: “In the New York Times review of the 1986 BMX racing film Rad, Walter Goodman wrote: Teenage ears may not split from the music or ache from the dialogue, but anybody over 20, beware: ‘You’re willing to sacrifice a solid future for a bicycle race,’ says the hero’s mother. ‘It’s very self-destructive.’ If only he had listened to mom – but who can blame him for preferring his bicycle? We tend to agree: a bike is a flight simulator you can take camping, and high school is a gulag for teenagers.”

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