Ides 28: Kizmet

Bière de Garde with Ontario Peaches6.5%

Beer was discovered 7,000 years ago in Iran, but brewing is a fairly recent practice compared to street art, which dates back almost 64,000 years! Since the Neanderthal era, humans have been making their mark on the walls of the world in many ways.

Though they were considered the scourge of cities in the 70’s, today’s street artists are celebrated and even collected. In urban centres around the word, street art often serves as a voice for dispossessed or politically marginalized people. While sometimes still unwelcome and messy, street art also has the power to stop you in your tracks.

This month we wanted to give a shout out to Toronto artist Kizmet, whose work can be seen all along the Railpath and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We enjoy it every day on our way to work at the brewery and, until very recently, his tag held a place of prominence at the top of the soon to be open MOCA.

Our toast to Kizmet is this farmhouse-style Bière de Garde, a refreshing golden ale that delivers a satisfying balance between hop bitterness and the magnificent sweetness of Ontario peaches. Cheers!

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