Ides 39: Radicle Gose

Gose 4.4%

The radicle is the first part of a seedling to emerge from the seed. And so our Radicle Gose brings together an emerging artist and an emerging brewer, collaborating in celebration of the 57th annual Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Started in 1961 by Murray and Maravelle Koffler, the TOAF has helped launch numerous careers. Notable artists such as Ken Danby, David Blackwood, Joanne Tod, Jennifer Stead and Harlan House exhibited here during early stages of their careers and, last year, Kima Lenaghan did the same, winning the Best of Student award.

Kima’s contribution, The Brewer and the Bloom, “equates brewery to alchemy, depicting the brewer’s pursuit of an alchemical magnum opus: the indescribable magic flavour of fresh beer, known as the bloom.”

We hope you’ll agree that this Radicle Gose, a tart, refreshing, slightly salty brew, is a work of art in its own right, and we thank our own artist, Tomas Madsen, for this thoughtful and tasty composition.

Henderson Brewing x Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Ides Series Artist Collab in Sixth Year + TOAF Celebrates 60th Anniversary this July!

Canada’s largest and longest-running contemporary outdoor art fair is turning 60!

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair will take place from July 2-11 and celebrates artists online as a digital event. Enjoy artist-led studio tours, curated collections and virtual art talks, or visit select artists showcased at stackt market. Art lovers can browse and buy artworks from 400+ artists. For more info, visit

OG: 10 Plato
IBU: 5
SRM: 4
Carbonation: 2.7 volumes, high
Recommended Glass: Shaker pint
Malts: Pale, wheat malt
Hops: Magnum, Perle
Yeast: Kettle soured with Lactobacillus bacteria then fermented with California Ale
Extras: Indian Coriander, Nova Scotia Seaweed, Sea Salt
Aroma: Citrus zest, water crackers, slight earthy notes
Appearance: Straw coloured. Opaque with white short-lasting head.
Taste: Tart upfront with a brine-y finish and a slight citrus and spice note. No hop bitterness. Uncomplicated and very refreshing.
Mouthfeel: Low body with medium-high carbonation. Feels prickly on the palate.
Overall Impression: A light, refreshing, tart, and salty summer brew.

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