Ides 48: Stand Alone, Win Together

West Coast Lager 5%

Just as winter was beginning its transition to spring, the whole world changed so quickly it seemed surreal. All of our lives were upended overnight and, as we collectively stayed home, signs began to appear in the windows of closed-up shops, featuring the kind of positive messages we all wish we could share with each other face- to-face. One sign, in a very familiar style, caught our attention and inspired this beer. 

Wayne Reuben (Instagram: @wayne.reuben) was the iconic sign painter for Honest Ed’s until the legendary retailer shut its doors just a few short years ago. His designs are instantly recognizable as Toronto and have continued to have a place in the hearts of Torontonians. We reached out to Wayne to ask if he would donate his work to our Ides of April 2020 label and, happily, he said yes. We, in turn, are donating all the profits from this release to the Parkdale Community Food Bank (

Unlike life these days, this beer isn’t complicated. It’s one that anyone can enjoy: a west coast lager. We invite you to drink a toast with us, to all the front line workers, to the friends you can only interact with onscreen or from a distance of 2 metres or more, and to the Toronto that we all love and will be an active part of again soon.

OG: 12
IBU: 20
SRM: 6
Carbonation: 2.50 Volumes (Medium)
Malts: Pilsner, Carafoam, Munich II, Acidulated
Hops: Northern Brewer, Tettnanger, Mount Hood
Yeast: Weihenstephan 34/70 Lager
Appearance: Brilliant and gold in colour with a white head
Aroma: Bready malt notes with a spicy hop aroma. Clean
Taste: Crisp maltiness with notes of bread and crackers. Mild bitterness with a spicy, floral hop aroma
Mouthfeel: Crisp and refreshing with a clean, balanced finish
Overall impression: A light, refreshing lager with a crisp, clean finish.

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