Ides 71: The Broom Scottish

Scottish 80 Shilling Ale4.5%

Sometime in the 16th century, a few Scots were standing around drinking beer on a cold winter’s day when someone nudged a rock across the ice towards their drinking companion. Not long after, a challenge was made and a game was born. Curling may have taken hold in many countries across the world, but it has definitely found a home here in Canada. In fact, the oldest established sporting club in North America is Montreal’s Royal Curling Club at 215 years old.

And what would curling be without a championship? In Canada, that championship is called The Brier. First held 95 years ago at Toronto’s Granite Club, the Brier (named after a brand of tobacco) has been held every March since. Teams from every province compete for the storied trophy (with an extra team for Northern Ontario), now sponsored by a national coffee brand. Historically the sponsors have been 1) a tobacco company, 2) a beer company,  3) a mobile phone company (very briefly) and 4) a coffee company. Beauty, eh?

The Brier has been hosted in Toronto more than anywhere else in the country (though it hasn’t been here since 1941)  and curling is alive and well in Toronto with over 22 clubs. So, whether you are losing a hammer or staying in the house, we toast you with this light English Ale, pouring a brilliant copper colour, and boasting aromas of toasty malt, bread crusts, mild toffee flavour, with slight floral grassiness and honey.

Appearance: Brilliant copper with a tan head.

Aroma: Toasty malt, bread crusts, mild toffee, mild fruity esters, light floral grassiness, honey.

Taste: Toasty malt, honey sweetness, grassy, mineral notes.

Mouthfeel: Round malt body with a creamy carbonation, crisp finish.

Overall: A malty ale with toasty notes of honey and flowers.

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