Ides 73: Natural Law

Super Light Ale3.5%

Imagine a political party that generated such overwhelmingly positive vibes that, if they were elected, they would “magically” eliminate unemployment, crime and budget deficits, through the power of “yogic flying.”In the early 1990s, that is exactly what famous magician, illusionist, escape artist, Vice President of the Natural Law Party and Rosedale Member of Parliament candidate Doug Henning asked Canadians to imagine.

Doug enjoyed a brilliant career as a magician: working on Broadway, hosting his own TV show, and creating illusions for Michael Jackson’s 1984 tour. But, as the 80s came to an end, he gave it all up to devote his energy to transcendental meditation and, eventually, national politics and the Natural Law Party.

By the 1993 federal election, Doug was running in the tony Toronto riding of Rosedale, promising that the Natural Law Party could achieve world peace through a technique called ‘yogic flying.’ One can only imagine the warm reception he received when pitching his platform to the denizens of Rosedale.

The election was won by Jean Chrétien and the  Liberal Party, but – despite getting fewer than 1% of the votes – Henning managed to finish 6th in his riding, ahead of the Marxist-Leninists, Abolitionists, and Libertarians.

With slogans like “If you favour Natural Law, Natural Law will favour you,” it is perhaps not surprising that Elections Canada deregistered the party just a few years later.

To all those that participate in politics, we toast you with this Super Light Ale, so light it’s like flying through the air.

Appearance: Hazy golden with a thick white head.

Aroma: Crackery malt, floral hops, fruity esters, mild minerality, slightly earthy.

Taste: Crackery sweet malt, floral fruitiness, mild minerality, slightly vinous.

Mouthfeel: Round maltiness, light body, creamy carbonation.

Overall: A very light ale with fruity notes and a floral background.

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