Ides 76: Simcoe SMASH

Pale Ale4.5%

While the first of August is officially known as Emancipation day in Ontario, many cities across the province celebrate different local holidays. Ottawa has Colonel By Day (he built the Rideau Canal), Sarnia celebrates Alexander Mackenzie, (Canada’s 2nd Prime Minister) and here in Toronto, we have Simcoe Day.

Back when Ontario was still called Upper Canada, John Simcoe was its first lieutenant governor. During his time in that role, he moved the capital of Upper Canada from Newark to what is now Toronto. He instituted the courts of lawin Canada, and was instrumental in the abolition of slavery in Canada almost a quarter of a century before it was abolished in the rest of the British Empire. In addition to a holiday, here in Ontario, we have a county and a lake named after him, as well as many schools and streets across the province (the intersection of John and Simcoe streets here in Toronto is no accident).

So, although the hop variety was not named after him (it originated in Washington state), we are celebrating Simcoe day this year with a Simcoe SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop), an uncomplicated pale ale that showcases the citrus, earthy & piney aromas that simcoe hops are known for.

Appearance:  Golden with a slight haze, thin white head
Aroma: Orange peel, pine, rocket candies, nectarine, mild peach, slightly toasty malt, lychee
Taste: Grapefruit, pine, sweet and toasty malt, nectarine, lychee, mild hop spice
Mouthfeel: Light bodied with a round maltiness, creamy carbonation and prickly but mild bitterness
Overall:  A showcase of Simcoe hops layered over a backbone of Golden Promise malt

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