Ides 68: English Brown Ale with Earl Grey Tea!

This English Ale was brewed with 3 year aged Pu Erh tea and a blend of freshly zested sweet lime and bitter orange to replicate the bergamot oil.

The taste starts off sweet, with notes of nutty caramel and toasty malts, followed by craisins, tart citrus and earthy tea with a tannic kick to give it its dry finish. 

A Double British hit of brown ale and a cup o' tea!



ABV: 6%

Appearance: Dark brown with ruby highlights and a tan head
Aroma:  Toasty malt, caramel, earthy black tea, floral notes, raisins, bright citrus notes poking through the rich malts and tea, chestnuts
Taste: Nutty caramel, toasty malts, earthy tea with a tannic kick, craisins, tart citrus
Mouthfeel: Light bodied with a round malt sweetness to start that leads into a drying, tannic finish
Overall: Double British hit of brown ale and a cup o' tea.  Nutty, earthy, fruity.